Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scenes from Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I've been enjoying my days off from teaching, spending every waking moment with my twin sister before she heads back to Florida. I loved being home this Christmas with my whole family together.  We spent hours staring at my nephew, eating our favorite Christmas foods, and enjoying each others company. 
My mom has her original santa stocking that her mom made for her when she was born and has created her families stockings from the same pattern. The past few years we've added more stockings to the mantel as each of us has gotten married and now even the first grand baby has his very own santa stocking.   
It's hard to believe that Christmas is already over and in just a few days it will be a brand new year. I always feel a little sad when the year ends. But then again we have a fresh start to look forward empty calendar with days that will be filled with more happy memories and new adventures :) 

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  1. lovely photos! sounds like a wonderful holiday.
    fried raviolis? homemade pasta? ahh, yes please!