Saturday, September 17, 2011

A September Shower

Today we celebrated my big sister, Elizabeth, and her little boy, who will make his appearance soon into this world. 
It was such a special weekend filled with family and friends...our sister Kate even got to fly home from Florida for the special occasion! Kate and I have been planning the shower for months now, planning every detail, making sure everything was perfect. 
I got these adorable straws here
It's so amazing to see my big sister preparing for the role of motherhood. She is going to make an amazing mother, I know this because she has practiced on Kate and I for the last 26 years :)

She looked so beautiful's true what they say, pregnant women really do glow. I imagine it's because they are filled with so much happiness and joy it just oozes out of them. 
9 more weeks! 


  1. Thank you for throwing the best shower ever! I couldn't ask for better sisters!! love ~Elizabeth

  2. WOW such an amazing shower and pictures...I love those straws!!!!

  3. It was a beautiful and fun party. Thanks to both you and Kate for planning such a perfect day.

  4. Im so sorry I couldnt make it, it looks like it turned out great with yummy food!!!-

  5. Beautiful photos! Looks like a wonderful shower.

  6. Thank you everyone! It was the perfect day :)