Sunday, September 11, 2011

people are friendlier in the midwest

I just got back from a very special wedding.
Remember these two adorable people?
A few weeks after I took Meg and Cass's engagement pictures they asked me to travel to Nebraska and be their wedding photographer for their September wedding. I was excited, scared, nervous.  Taking someones wedding pictures is not something to be taken lightly. I felt a little...well somedays a lot unsure about having said yes. I practiced and practiced, read everything I could and finally the weekend had arrived. 

The moment I got to the church I was welcomed into their families with great big open arms and lots of food. Seriously, midwesterners are the NICEST people I've ever met.  Strangers say hello to each other, they feed you lots and lots of food, and on one of the biggest weekends of their life they are asking if you need anything.  As my mom and I drove to the church on Friday evening, we noticed a little white haired lady strolling down the sidewalk. A car passed her and she stopped, turned, and gave them the biggest wave her small frame could muster.  Then a motorcycle passed ten seconds later and again she stopped and waved.  When we got closer to her I wondered if she just knew everyone in the neighborhood or if we would get a friendly wave too. 

We got a friendly wave too. 

I'm pretty sure if you were to wave to people walking down the street in Denver they would think you were a crazy person. There's just something special about small American towns. 

The weekend went by quickly and before I knew it my mom and I were driving along I-80 once again through wheat field after wheat field.  It was a beautiful weekend, full of beautiful weather, beautiful people, and a beautiful wedding. 


  1. can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!! ~Elizabeth

  2. Amazing photos! And thank you! The Midwest IS a great place to live. I always take it for granted until I go visit somewhere else and see the norms in other areas of the country. We love to feed people and have VERY long goodbyes. I'm glad you had such a lovely weekend!! :)

  3. awww I want to see more!!! she looks absolutely gorgeous...Hmmm I think IL is in the midwest...but I don't see many friendly people (hahah)

  4. sooo pretty! I love how you really captured the church!