Saturday, August 27, 2011

i love the smell of dryer sheets in the morning

When I was little I never minded vacuuming the house or dusting the furniture...and I often did these things without being told. I loved surprising my mom when she got home from work. I couldn't wait to point out all the things I had perfectly cleaned for her. 

My family still jokes about how different my twin sister and I are when it comes to cleaning.  One of our favorite phrases growing up was, "Looks like a bomb hit Kate's room again!" But I would always come to her rescue when she was told to get her room cleaned up right now. She would be sitting on her bed, sniffling, and wondering how she would get things put away before dinner. I would quietly knock on her door, sneak in without being seen, and secretly help her put things away. I'm sure my parents knew it was always me who cleaned it...

Now as an adult, when my home is in order, my life feels in order...even when it's not.  I can deceive myself into feeling like everything is the way it should be and it puts my mind at ease. 
Last week amidst the chaos of my life, my sweet husband came to my rescue and cleaned the apartment for me while I was at work. The giant pile of laundry had been folded and put away, the floors vacuumed, the bed made. It was such a wonderful surprise. And I'm still finding surprises, like finding my dress pants folded in my pajama drawer :) 


  1. looks like a bomb went off at our house again...want to come over? :)

  2. All this time I thought a little elf had come to Kate's rescue.