Sunday, August 14, 2011

sunlit walk

My older sister, Elizabeth, came over last night for a walk along the canal.  It was the perfect summer evening when the sun is golden yellow and shining perfectly through the trees. It's so nice to spend some time alone with her...especially before her little boy makes his way into the world!  
She has three more months left, which I'm sure will fly by. It still feels like yesterday when she shared her exiting news with :) We talked about ideas for the nursery and when we think his birthday will be.  I'm so excited to meet him (and maybe spoil him just a little...) 
I can't wait to help show him all the enchanting things in this world, like sunlit trees and beautiful pictures of his mom, and to love him to pieces. 


  1. thanks for making me look so good! ~Elizabeth

  2. beautiful photos! I'm a sucker for the evening sun lighting.

  3. Ashley, she's due November 21st! You both will have Thanksgiving babies :)