Thursday, August 11, 2011


Summer feels like it's slipping away fast, probably because I'm back into the swing of things at school and the glimmer of warm summer days spent by the pool are fading fast. Did I really spend two weeks in Florida? It feels like forever ago. Martin thought we still needed to enjoy a warm summer evening together so we jumped in the car and headed through Denver to find some ice cream.
We meandered down the highway into a very up and coming neighborhood where the restaurant lights were twinkling in the dusk as corporate workers laughed over a glasses of wine.  I always wonder what it would be like to have a job in an a skyscraper in the middle of a bustling city.  I could wear a stylish suite with my beautiful heels as I walked along feeling very important. Teacher's aren't known for their stylish work attire and sometimes I look longingly at clothes that would make me feel and look more grown up. But Elmer's glue and sticky fingers don't mix well with Gucci and Prada.  And sitting criss cross applesauce in a slim fitting pencil skirt would probably rip the seams...
Her shoes matched the pink clouds
We strolled along as we ate our gelato...mine was honey and Martin's was chocolate coffee toffee.  I could feel the stresses of work slowly disappearing. It didn't feel like a school night and I liked that. Usually I come home from school and call it a night, but there are so many hours left in the day still...hours that can be filled with exploring and enjoying time with my husband in this big city. 
We get so consumed by our daily mostly.  I'm trying to hold onto the way I felt those last few weeks of summer vacation...I felt in control of my life, I felt calm.  Nothing was to big to handle and the small stresses in life seemed pointless.  The minute I walked into school I could feel the energy, the stress, the anxiety...deadlines, test scores, meetings. But it's okay. Work is work. While I'm there I'll work my very best helping to make my school a place that I can be proud of.  But when I'm home, it needs to be about Martin and I...and our life. Maybe I'm finally understanding the balance I need. 
 I know summer is slowly fading. I can already feel the change in the morning air, a little cooler a little smells like school. It always makes me a little sad, I wish I could hold onto it just a little longer.  Just a few more nights of hand holding as we eat our ice cream, a few more days where the only relief from the heat is to jump into a freezing cold pool, just a few more nights of listening to the crickets latest orchestral arrangement as we fall asleep. 

Soon enough it will be fall and with that comes some of my favorite things...especially this year when I'll become an auntie :) This year is about enjoying life...taking in the smallest of moments, taking advantage of the things around us. I'm working my hardest at learning how to do these things...and I know that a little balance in my life will make it that much easier. 


  1. You've got the right idea. I bet your mother has reminded you about balance!

  2. Ohhhhhh, Little Man! Love that place!!

  3. beautiful. pictures and words. thanks for sharing!

    -Heather from