Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amazingly Talented

I've been keeping something from you...unfortunately not the good news you want to hear.
My amazingly talented husband recently lost his job...and that day felt like one of the worst days of my life. All I could think about was how will we pay our rent, our bills, pay for our groceries? And how could they let him go? Of all the employees, why him?  We've been struggling with trying to wrap our heads around everything that's happened...but you know what?  My mom is right, when one door closes another one opens. So instead of being upset and throwing ourselves a pity party (well we did at first)we've decided that now is as good of time as any for Martin to pursue his true passion.
I know I complain a lot about being a picky eater, but I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have a husband who cooks amazing meals prepared with the finest ingredients. He's taught himself everything he knows.  He's literally read EVERY cook book he could get his hands on and studied everything he could about wine and beer.  He's so passionate about creating a masterpiece with each meal, even if it's only scrambled eggs for breakfast. 
I remember in college I had gone over to his little apartment for lunch.  He asked what I wanted and I of course said, "Spaghetti." I flipped on the t.v. and after about twenty minutes of wondering where our lunch was I wandered into the kitchen.   There he was.
 Using the hand cranking pasta machine running the pasta dough through until it was perfect :)  
That says it all.
He is amazingly talented and he's all mine!
I'm so excited for him to start this new see him excited again about learning and working! 
I like where life is taking us and I'm so glad I get go through this life with Martin by my side. 


  1. We are so proud of Martin and of course looking forward to taste-testing all of his new creations!! ~Elizabeth

  2. Your mom is right, sounds like a great adventure for you two. Who knows maybe this will lead to his own restaurant someday!

  3. What exciting news! It sounds like this is the perfect path for Martin!

  4. And when are you moving? Yikes! Best wishes to you, I know it will all turn out & you will look back & it won't seem so bad.

  5. Love that Martin has this opportunity!! Many wishes with all things J&M Wlfe.