Monday, November 29, 2010

13 Days You Say?!

Dear School,
I'm not sure if you learned your lesson from last year that most people don't work well in 55 degree classrooms.  Just sayin'.  Maybe you shouldn't blast all the heat in the hallway next to the door that leads to the playground. You're causing me to dress way more frumpy than I prefer...going as far as wearing my heavy winter jacket for the first part of the morning and literally crying when I have to take it off when the bell rings.  My hands don't thaw out until I'm home and put them dangerously close to the stove turned on high. I'm glad I only have to suffer for thirteen more days. Thirteen more days of children bouncing off the walls because Santa Clause is coming, thirteen more days of endless testing, thirteen more days until I'm in teacher heaven.  
Maybe as an early Christmas present you could crank it up to at least a balmy 60 degrees.  I would be much obliged. 
Mrs. Wolfe

1 comment :

  1. They just can't get it right I guess because my husband teaches school & his room is COOKING hot all year round. He doesn't even get to wear all those handsome sweaters his mother knit for him!

    I hope your Christmas is warm and merry!