Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Party

This afternoon I surveyed the damage.
Crayons were strewn about.
Someone had left their papers on the coat rack.
Glitter and sequins were stuck to everything in sight.
Bits of pink, purple, and white paper littered the floor.
A few Valentine's had lost their owners.
The tables were sticky with glue, frosting, and spilled juice.
The trash cans were filled high with paper plates, cups, and half eaten cupcakes.
The room had an aroma much like that of candy hearts.
I think I have a sugar rush just from inhaling the oxygen in my classroom. 

Oh party days. You are crazy and exhausting.

Dear Parents,
Here are your sugared up children ready for you to take home. They've already had two cookies, a brownie, a cupcake, and some candy.  I might suggest they don't eat anything containing sugar for the next 72 hours.  You're welcome :)
Mrs. Wolfe

so sweet