Monday, June 15, 2015

these warm spring evenings

One of my favorite times of our day is after dinner. Lately, Everdeen has been playing outside until well passed her bedtime, but we can't seem to make ourselves go inside. The other evening she asked if she could go kick her little soccer ball around the yard. I hesitated for just a moment and then thought, why not?  The light was beautiful and we ran, played, and laughed until the sun had completely dipped behind the mountains. We watched as the hot pink thunderheads grew dimmer and decided it was time to head inside for a warm bath and stories. 

It's in these moments that I'm glad I didn't follow 'the schedule'. These are the quintessential moments of summer...of life!  The moments that we will remember the most. I'm still slowly learning that it's okay to just live and be and that there's no reason to apologize for it or second guess myself. 

These evening moments are filled with so much beauty and simplicity. Nothing fancy. Nothing out of the ordinary. But maybe that's what makes them so special. Sometimes if we're really lucky, Martin will help us end the day by quietly strumming his guitar or mandolin while Everdeen and I soak up the last rays of sunshine.  And if I'm really really lucky, he'll amuse me and sing along as I play La Vie en Rose on my ukulele. 

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  1. Are you serenading the neighborhood? Glad you're going with the flow of these lovely evenings.