Monday, June 1, 2015

right now

This little girl has been fighting off a fierce cold this weekend. Maybe the universe knew I needed to slow down for a few days after ending the school year.  I selfishly thought the first few days of summer vacation would be about sleeping in and reading my new book in the sun...haha! Instead, we've had three sleepless nights, stripping beds (twice) in the middle of the night, and lots and lots of crying...but as I'm realizing, more and more since becoming a mother, my plans aren't always what are best for right now. I'm learning to slow down, watch, and listen to my surroundings. Learning to tune in to what those around me really need can be so so challenging, but it can also be the one thing that makes everything seem to fall into place.  It can be hard not to force my expectations on the day. I know in a day or two we will begin our days of playing outside until our feet are covered in dirt or the sun begins to set, but for now I'll take these extra snuggles, take a deep breath, and enjoy right now. 

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  1. No body can teach you to be a mom, it just comes from the heart.