Thursday, June 4, 2015

these days

Today I watched Everdeen play in the dirt and freckle her skin and clothes with mud.  I thought of the ginormous pile of laundry that I have yet to start (who wants to do laundry when it's perfectly sunny outside anyways?) and that I would indeed be adding her clothes to the wash when we got inside. But I truly didn't care. All I cared about in that moment was that she was happy and giggling-beaming from ear to ear. Creating. Being carefree. Being wild. 

This little girl has taught me so much in her almost three years of life. Letting go is not easy for me, yet she makes it look so effortless. It's in these moments that I can feel the weight of my anxiety fly away. It's like the layers of doubt and stress are peeling away to reveal the true me...the me with no inhibitions, no worries...the me that gets lost all too often suddenly shines through again. She is my little soul sister, my kindred spirit. 

These days are all too precious for me, getting to be a stay at home mom during the summers are what I long for all school year long. Spending even the simplest of moments with my daughter (that are usually only witnessed by others) means the world to me. Even if it's just getting to tuck her in for her nap, or read to her in the middle of the day, or watch her build mud castles...I am savoring every minute of us together. 
{May 29 last day of school! Hooray!}


  1. Love the picture of you together! I think it's easy to take all those little moments for granted when you are with your kids every day, so I appreciate this reminder. :-)

  2. Yea! I'm so happy for your summer adventures!

    1. Me too! Especially the part where you come home :)