Friday, May 2, 2014

pink blossoms

We took Everdeen for a walk this evening to search for some pink flowering trees.  Standing under branches filled with fragrant, perfectly pink blossoms is divine. Secretly though, I wanted an excuse to hold my almost two year old close to me for a little while longer.  I keep thinking that one of these days it will be the last time she's in my sling and I won't have known it was our last time...

These days leading up to summer make me feel nostalgic and put an ache inside of me that I can only understand now that I'm a mother.  Watching your little one grow is filled with such bittersweet emotion. I long for time to stop so I can hold those chubby little cheeks in my hands for just a while longer...sometimes I get lost in trying to hold onto moments that cannot be held.

The wind, that won't seem to go, caused the delicate little petals to rain around us as we walked along the ditch lined with trees. Everdeen patted my back, as she always does.  I can't wait for more evenings like work tomorrow, my little tot nestled close to me and my husband, and a sweet flowery breeze blowing the curtains.   


  1. Ugh my heart! I know exactly what you mean, and I have another baby, but that doesn't make it any easier with Lucy! A few nights ago I laid down by her in bed to help her get back to sleep and I gazed at her face and marveled that my chubby round faced 8 month old has so quickly turned into a child! A little girl learning to talk, jumping, running, dancing! It's all so magical but too too fast! Brings tears to my eyes. You two are lovely together!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. But now I'm enjoying it all over again with my three precious grand children

  3. beautiful and pink! enjoy these precious moments : )