Monday, May 19, 2014

Life Lately

I was so excited that my older sister and her little boys came up for Mother's day weekend...we camped out at my parent's house, watched the snow fall, and I enjoyed extra snuggles with my new nephew, Oliver.  

The snow only lasted a day or so and spring has graced us with her presence once more with vibrant green grass and the birds' chirping echoing at dawn. I decided that's the best alarm clock to have...even if I roll over a few times before actually getting up.  

Everdeen continues to blossom and we are beginning to see little snippets of true two year old behavior...tantrums anyone? She makes us laugh everyday and my husband still looks at me in disbelief wondering how we got so lucky.  We've even gone a few nights this week with our little tot sleeping through the whole night...which is total bliss.

I'm getting so excited for summer vacation...8 1/2 more days!! I have so many things planned and have a small list of home improvements I want to do myself.  We had my dad come over this weekend and hang our new chandelier.  I'm having so much fun making our home ours...even if it's taking a very long time :) 

Hope these warm spring days are treating you well, friends! 


  1. You two have matching toes! Loved all the photos!

  2. makes me miss you all even more! glad its finally warming up :)