Friday, May 24, 2013

ten months

We cannot believe our baby girl is 10 months old! The week of her ten month birthday brought lots of firsts- clapping, growling, and her first case of Roseola (not fun).  She has officially discovered the cats and giggles and squeals whenever they enter the room and she especially loves to pet them as she drinks her bottle. 
Everdeen is so full of life and wonderment.  We can't get enough of her belly laughs and her heart melting smiles.   She is our everything!  We love you so so much little one. 


  1. She's our little darling too.

  2. Her eyes are just so stunning! I love that she's liking the cats so early in life. ;) I can't believe she's almost one year old already! Are you planning on a birthday party?

  3. Love that pic of her & daddy?! Super cute!!