Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ringing in May...

with a giant snow storm. It's a little ironic, no?
Happy May Day!
Here's to warmer weather tomorrow :)


  1. oh my word! you poor thing. hope it's warm soon for you guys!!

  2. oh no!!! no mayday baskets of flowers unless they're from the market huh? well at least you two are looking super adorable in the snow. it is practically impossible for me to imagine right now and i'm starting to wonder if you live at the north pole ;)

    also, you piqued my curiosity with the quiet waiting of your last post. i hope that life is sweeping in something beautiful and amazing for you, and some sunny weather too!

  3. I am sending warm thoughts your way!

  4. what fab pics....I know its cold and miserable but that first flower pic sure makes it look dreamy and stunning!! x