Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Can No Longer Tie Your Shoe

I can officially no longer bend over without cutting off my breathing supply.  I can't touch my toes during Yoga time and I can no longer casually bend over to tie the hundreds of shoes I tie daily.  If a student wants their shoe tied they have to lift their foot to my thigh...this requires them to be very flexible and sometimes results in them toppling over backwards.  Then we have giggling fits and all the kids suddenly want me to tie their shoe the way I tied Saul's...apparently falling over backwards on your rear end is all the rage in Kindergarten.
The past week during alphabet aerobics I have found myself seriously out of breath...especially when we do the alphabet like cheerleaders. I feel pitiful. My husband keeps reminding me that in less than twenty weeks I'm going to be going through the biggest workout of my life...
The kids have been very sweet during my pregnancy. They even hurry a little faster to get to lunch because, "Mrs. Wolfe's baby is hungry!!"  When I told them I was having a baby they cheered and clapped wildly. Then one little boy proceeded to tell me that they were going to have to chop off my belly button to get the baby out... 

It's been fun sharing this experience with 27 five year olds, experiencing it through their eyes. As long as no one asks me where the baby actually came from it will be smooth sailing :)  


  1. Oh my... the kids are soooo sweet and cute! How fun!
    Your bump is adorable :) And you are GORGEOUS!

    1. Thank you Courtney, you are too sweet!

  2. I love reading your blog, thank you, you made me smile today (and lots of other days too)!

  3. I thought all little kiddos shoes had Velcro.

  4. I love everything about this post...your classroom...your students....and you looking so so cute!