Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today the sun felt so rejuvenating.
It was 54 degrees during afternoon recess and we soaked up the sun on the backs of our legs.  I know to most, temperatures in the 50s are still very cold. When it's 54 degrees where my sister lives in Florida, people take cover and pull out their Ugg boots and scarves. Here in Colorado, we walk around in tank tops and capri pants and exclaim how hot it finally is outside. 
We watched our students run wild without their coats on and for the first time in a long time they weren't going to get frost bite. One of my students rejoiced so loudly, "It's WARM!! It's WARM!" as she skipped around in circles.  We even walked extra slowly back inside after the fire drill just so we could feel the warm sun on our faces for a few more seconds. 

But it's just a tease. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow.  Is it like this every year? Snow after snow after snow? Or maybe I'm just so anxious for spring to arrive that winter is taking extra long just to be mean.  

Either way, I needed today. I've filled my spirit with warm sunshine and can dream about how in a few weeks Spring will be here and the world will begin to thaw. 


  1. It was like that here in Iowa, too, last week. So beautiful for February. Other parts of the state had beautiful weather today, too, but in my part of the state, it snowed! Go figure. Alas, I'm looking forward to the first few days of spring, when you can go outside without having to worry about a winter coat...

    1. I can't wait until I can go outside without a coat!! :)

  2. Sanford and I were outside today too. Sounds like we'll all be inside again tomorrow.