Sunday, November 6, 2011


The last of the snow seemed to melt away today leaving lots of mud and dried crispy leaves.  We had another big snow storm this past week which resulted in a teacher's miracle...a snow day! I'm thinking the district probably felt a little silly calling it because by lunch time the sun was out and the roads were clear.  Oh well, I'm not complaining.   
Things are starting to get busy around school as we begin our decent to winter vacation.  I get to start slowly teaching again after having my student teacher teach solo for the past three weeks. It's been a nice little break, but I'm ready to jump in again. 
As we all keep moving busily forward it seems my older sister's life has slowed down as she is waiting patiently for her little boy to make his appearance.  Maybe this week's snow storm will bring with it my little nephew.  
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. I'm sure everyone is anxious for the arrival of Baby Boy Backos! I love the pictures, especially the drop of melting snow!!

  2. Thanks Julie! We are so excited we can hardly stand it!!

  3. Every time the phone rings I think, is it time? How did Martin have two different pictures in his sunglasses?

  4. This makes me so sentimental. You always have the most amazing pictures!