Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Love Story {Part I}

I know I have shared lots of bits and pieces of my love story to my husband, but I've felt inspired by other bloggers to document our journey together in a series of posts. If anything, for me to remember, and an excuse to find really embarrassing pictures of my husband from yesteryear. 

Our story starts like so many before us and so many stories that are still to come after ours. It started with curiosity...and bugs. 

My favorite class in high school was orchestra. It was my first two classes of the day. I loved the way the light came in through the windows in the morning and I loved sharing hours with my closest friends playing beautiful music.  Seriously, what could be better? It was my junior year of high school and I had the privelage of being in a small chamber orchestra...don't ask why or how...let's just say playing the violin wasn't exactly my forte.  But I blended in well and learned how to let the more experienced players play loudly over me.  More experienced players like Martin.  He great musician. His violin had a little carved head at the scroll with red eyes. It was awesome. He had a Sponge Bob Square Pants sticker on his violin case. He was so cool. Everyone laughed at every joke he told. He was friends with everyone. He was creative...artistic.
I had to get to know him better.
One of my first memories of this mysterious renaissance boy was during a free period at school.  We were all hanging out in the commons talking about really important high school things.  Martin was intrigued by a moth fluttering against the closed window. He walked over, wacked it with his palm, picked it up, and stuck it in his mouth. I'm sure it was some sort of male courting ritual of some sort because I was so grossed out that I felt the need to hang out with him even more.  What crazy thing would he do next?? 

There had never been a point in my life until that time where I felt more spontaneous and care free. I ate my first bug that next summer (a mealworm in a sticky green sucker). I remember dancing on picnic tables under the stars, opening confetti cans in the car while we blasted the air conditioning...finding little bits of colorful paper months later stuck to our rear-ends by static.  

We taught each other new things...we filled the empty gaps we had in our lives. I remember feeling safe and more happy then I ever had in my life.  I would listen to the mixed CD he had made me over and over and over. Every song reminded me of him, every song made me want to be near him.  Even today when I hear Coldplay's song Yellow, I get butterflies in my stomach. When I hear Norah Jones sing, I'm taken back to the folk festival we went to. Sitting in the blazing heat, just to hear her sing Come Away With Me. It was magical to say the least.

 I was only 17, but I had met someone who loved me for exactly who I was. I could be exactly who I was when I was with him.  That was the greatest feeling in the world.

Coming Soon: Love Story {Part II) 


  1. <3 I love all love stories that start at high school....heehee and that picture is too cute.

  2. It's nice to remember your love story.

  3. I scrolled through so many of your other posts, but this is the one I chose to comment on. I found your blog through "Aura Joon," and I am very happy I did. Your words are so refreshing, so truthful. It's nice to see someone posting about the real world, about their emotions and times and past, rather than daily fashions. This is so raw, which is why I enjoy it. Furthermore, your photos fascinate me. It is nice to flip through them and be given the opportunity to see your world through your eyes.

  4. Dawn- thank you for your very kind words! I'm so glad you stopped by!