Sunday, December 12, 2010

Songs From Yesteryear

My mom found this great piano song book in her box of old teaching things. It was published in 1951...made especially for Kindergarten teachers.  
I love looking at the pictures! (I secretly wish I was a Kindergarten teacher in 1951)

When I got my piano this summer for my classroom (remember how excited I was?!) I searched and searched for "Kindergarten" piano music and kept coming to dead ends. It's just no where to be found.  The majority of Kindergarten teachers no longer have pianos in their classrooms like they used to long ago.  
My students love when I play for them. 
"Are you going to play that on the piano today?"
I found a cute little number to play from the old song book and made it our clean up song.  
It's been so great being able to share my love of music with my students.  
Stop by sometime and we'll sing you some songs!