Friday, December 10, 2010

Must Be Friday

Today was your typical Friday in elementary school...times NINE MILLION!
Every few minutes someone broke out into song..."Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!..."
"Mrs. Wolfe, I LOVE Santa Clause!"

The good news is I got my testing all done a week early! Now next week can return back to normal.
I told my students my good news this morning.
Student 1: "What's normal mean?"
Student 2: "It means the same 'ole same 'ole"
Student 3: "Mrs. Wolfe, my dad's not around anymore 'cause he's lazy"


This afternoon I was adventurous and got out the white glue...which any teacher knows is risky business. We were working on gluing our reindeer patterns. 
We talked about how "a little dot is a lot!"
I showed them.
I said it a few hundred more times.
Then I watched as one student used every ounce of strength to squeeze the glue in a continuous flow    
all     over     the     table.


Just then a student was called to the office to go home.  As I walked him to the door he turned and said, "Bye Mrs. Wolfe! I'll miss you!"

No amount of glue on the tables or singing at an annoying pitch can make me forget why I do what I do :)

happy friday