Thursday, June 1, 2017

his first month

Our first month as a family of four has been incredibly exhausting, emotional, and yet oh so beautiful. This little boy has fit perfectly into our family and it truly is hard to imagine life before him.  
The month of May was quite honestly a bit of a blur. We slept a lot, Weston ate a lot, and we adjusted to our new normal. We even had a big snow storm at the end of the month...because you know, it's May and all. Cold weather just means extra baby snuggles. I learned that showering is a luxury and that this newborn time is for putting 'me' to the side as I care for this sweet little life that we've been blessed with. One of these days showering won't be so sporadic and I won't be living my life in two hour intervals :) I'll miss these snuggly newborn days and having absolutely nothing to do but care for my babies. 
I felt so much better physically and emotionally after Weston's birth than I did with Everdeen's. I remember my whole body being sore for 2 weeks with Everdeen and then throw in caring for a newborn and having difficulty breast led to lots of baby blues and mommy guilt. I've definitely had some hard days emotionally, because hello sleep deprivation, but even that has been night and day this time around. There are several things I did differently...using my essential oils, getting outside, asking for help when I needed it...and I think it made the world of difference for me! Plus, Martin has been truly incredible. Making sure my water bottle is filled, bringing me all my meals in bed, and taking such good care of Everdeen while I feed the baby or try to sneak in a nap.   
Everdeen has been amazing! Being the only child for almost five years, she has adjusted so well! She is helpful and loving and I love her more than ever seeing her as a big sister! She talks about the things she'll teach him, and which toys she'll definitely share with him (and which ones she won't ;), and I can't wait to watch their relationship grow. 

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