Tuesday, March 14, 2017

soaking it all in

Since Martin started working for the school district too, we are so lucky to get to have all of the same breaks and holidays off! Spring Break couldn't have come any sooner this year with my every growing belly and tired feet! We are soaking in every moment of sleeping in and lazily starting our days. We spent today enjoying our local museum...won't be long before we'll have a tiny baby in tow with us. I felt like I was watching all the moms with multiple children extra closely this time around. Life with two definitely seems more chaotic and busy...sometimes I begin to doubt myself that I can do this. Sometimes just going to the store or park with just Everdeen can seem like a lot and she's the most content and easy going 4 1/2 year old! I hope this little baby is just as easy going and calm as she is. I have a feeling they will be...snuggling right into our family personality just like Everdeen did. 

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