Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Valentine's Day Walk

We were so glad that Valentine's Day landed on a Sunday this year so we could spend it together as a family! :) We slept in and woke to our room being filled with the most beautiful, soft, pink light.  Everdeen opened some very coveted swimming goggles and a handmade sock monkey. My husband got me the biggest box of dark chocolate Junior Mints...and I may have already eaten half of them...maybe. In high school, Martin was late to orchestra practice almost everyday because he had to stop at the Snack Shack for his box of Junior Mints. I guess we still sort of love them in this household. 

Last year on Valentine's Day, we got to go on a beautiful the middle of February none the less. We thought we would make it a Valentine's Day tradition, as long as the weather holds out. We tried again today, but all of our favorite places were closed from our big snowstorm a couple weeks ago.  So we ventured to the Love capital of the country, Loveland, CO.  We walked around the Benson Sculpture Garden and then attempted to have a picnic amongst the wintery scene. Let's just say we were more than ready to get back into the warm car. We are aching for spring over here! 

Hope you all had a beautiful day surrounded with those you love the most! Happy Valentine's Day!
(she got a little nervous and suddenly ran back to the safety of the sidewalk ;)


  1. It's a lovely tradition. And it doesn't even have to be on the official day.