Tuesday, April 21, 2015

hello spring {again}

Last night we finally got to go on our evening walk.  The sun was out and it felt so good to feel the warmth on our faces...it was still a little cool out, but compared to last week we weren't complaining! Winter showed herself for hopefully the last time this spring. It was snowy and rainy most of last week and my mood was starting to match the weather.  We crave our outside time, especially with a toddler who needs to move and run freely. All last week Everdeen would peek out the window and say, "Sun! Come back!"

Last night we could hardly get Everdeen back home because she was screeching and running wildly around the middle school yard, hiding amongst the big pine trees and smelling the white blossoms.  There's something magical about sunshine and warm air hitting your skin. It makes your spirit feel free and is oh so good for the soul.  
As we walked home the air was thick with the scent of blossoms.  I had an extra skip in my step as I realized that we are in the home stretch for the school year.  All of these stressful weeks and days and days of testing will soon be over.  I seriously get giddy when I realize that in 26 short days I get to be a stay at home mom and enjoy every moment of summer with Everdeen and Martin.  For now though, we are enjoying having spring back, waking up to the peaceful echos of bird song in the morning, and knowing that the change we feel in the air is filled with promise and new beginnings. 


  1. We also enjoyed a walk in the warm spring sunshine last night. What a gorgeous evening it was. This morning however we woke up to rain and lots of it. I suppose the grounds need it but I'd sure rather wake up to sun. Like you said though, summer is on it's way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jealous that you are able to get outside again! We got two feet of snow last week, and it is still melting. :-/