Thursday, July 24, 2014

to my sweet girl on her second birthday

To my sweet Everdeen on her second birthday,

Before I had you, I didn't know that such a tiny person could teach me to be a better person everyday. Sometimes as adults we act as, well, adults.  We lose our sense of wonder and our free spirit. I look around me at other parents of young children...the life drained from them.  But you put life into us...seeing the world through your curious and loving heart makes me excited to wake up every morning. You are the most tender of souls, so full of life and happiness.  Your unsolicited hugs and kisses, the way you bring the cats their bowl of food so they can have a snack while you eat yours, the way you move to music, the way you make everyone around you feel special makes our hearts ache from so much sweetness. You have no inhibitions, no callouses...all you know is to love.  

I watch you in amazement everyday and still can't comprehend that you are a part of me. It is the most incredible feeling to watch someone grow in front of them become the person you pray for them to be.  You are a part of me and I am a part of you. What an incredible bond we share.  

You are our everything and your daddy and I love you more than anything in this world. How lucky and blessed we are to experience this life with you. 

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet girl! Love you love you love you


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  1. You put it into words perfectly. So, so bittersweet and amazing to watch your baby grow. I absolutely love having a little two year old. Sharing a snack with the cats sounds a lot like a little certain someone I know! ;) happiest birthday beautiful Everdeen and to her wonderful mama too.