Tuesday, July 22, 2014

a counter

I just found this post I wrote three years ago.  It's funny, I haven't even thought about that post until this moment when I realized I had an entire folder of pictures titled 'Everdeen on the counter' :) She is so content just sitting and watching. Getting nibbles of breakfast, lunch, or dinner as we prepare it. Helping...learning. I can't think of a better and more simple way to 'be' as a family. 
When I was growing up we ate at the kitchen table as a family every night (except for the occasional Sunday night when we would watch Star Trek and eat apples and popcorn for dinner...we are big nerds and we don't care). It was a place of comfort and familiarity.  It's where big family decisions were made, where we shared about our school day...when we were younger my mom would even read a couple chapters from a book out loud. I can still remember the moment when my parents said we could get a kitten. The three of us sisters, sitting anxiously at the dinner table, waiting for the answer after b e g g i n g for months. Being told that taking care of a cat was a lot of responsibility..."We know! We know! We'll scoop the liter and feed it and play with it! PROMISE!" haha Why does any parent believe those words? :)
Martin and I make it a point to eat at the table as a family every night too (except when I need a rerun boost from Everybody Loves Raymond). There are some evenings when there isn't much talking after a long day of work or Everdeen refuses to eat her dinner because she would rather be playing musical chairs, "I need dat one!" There is something so sacred about family time...it is the bond that keeps us strong, helps us focus on each other. We learn how important it is to put others first and to care and love for each other unconditionally. 
Sometimes I worry that Everdeen and I don't do enough things during the day. But I have to remind myself that being by my side and watching and helping me is important quality time too. She is my mini-me, my tiniest little helper. I wouldn't trade those moments of singing and conversations, while she sits contentedly on the counter, for anything. 

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  1. you're doing a wonderful job. sometimes its so hard to not question if we're doing "enough" ... I think at the end of the day if you have a happy kid who knows love, then you're doing perfectly :)