Saturday, January 18, 2014


We are here and alive! (Incase you were worried :) I feel like I've been so absent from my blog and these past few weeks have been filled with moments...both up and down that I want and need to write about. I always feel better when I can be honest and document the here and now.  We've been hanging in there since the unfortunate news of my husband's job loss and it truly is amazing how fast you adapt to life's changes.  

Somedays I feel okay...and somedays I'm up till who knows when worrying about this or that and trying to brainstorm how to be even more economical. I am of course so thankful I have my job, but seriously I think my students earn more in allowance. We've always been frugal people and for that I'm thankful.  It would be worse if we had lived beyond our means or always felt the need to buy buy buy.  But we really have always stuck to just the necessities and become frequent visitors to the consignment stores.  I remember when I first started teaching seven years ago.  I was living in Denver with my older sister and telling her how I didn't think I should buy new black socks for work.  I literally felt guilty for spending the money.  We were raised to be careful with our money.  My dad never turned the heat up passed 65 degrees...and trust me we begged.  Not because he couldn't afford to keep the house at the requested temperature of 90, but because he was being economically smart.  In response we were always told to go put on a sweater.  Now here I am twenty some years later and I am making sure that my thermostat doesn't go past 65 :)   
  Martin has been incredible.  But that's just Martin...the most positive person you'll ever meet.   He's been super dad and super husband these last few weeks.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry, baths.  It's all done before I get home from school.  We've made the decision that if he doesn't find something by the end of the month then he will be a stay at home daddy- at least until this summer.  He's happy to do the most important job in the world for a few months and he simply is head over heals in love with our little girl.  You should see some of the cute outfits he has pulled together for Everdeen :)
(who doesn't love to be serenaded at breakfast?)

So we are chugging along.  The last of the snow is melting and today was even in the mid 50's.  Sometimes you can start to imagine warm spring days ahead. I have a sneaky feeling that everything is going to be okay because it always is.  I have a beautiful family, a beautiful home, a wonderful job.  Yes. This must be how it's supposed to be for now.


  1. hang in there! all you need is love right? :)

  2. You guys are the cutest family! I think your trust that everything's giung to be fine will serve you well. It sounds like a good plan for now and everdeen's looks marvelously happy!

    1. Thanks Heather! Sometimes just having a plan helps me feel like everything is going to be okay...even if we don't use it! :)

  3. ha ha, we have been living extravagantly and have the heat turned up to 67 today! ~love Elizabeth