Thursday, October 31, 2013


I can't believe how fast October has flown by and how little time I've had to document our everyday life here on the blog.  School continues to be so busy for me as I'm still learning a new district and school, but I am really truly happy where I am this year and am so so thankful.  And when I'm not teaching, I've been really working on growing my little photography business.  
I've been catching up with my old co-workers these past few weeks...who I miss dearly...and several of them have asked me the same question.  "What do you think it is that's made you so much happier this year?" I have to admit that the past few years had been an incredible struggle for me.  And it hasn't been until we made our big move home that I've realized just how unhappy I really was. 
 I feel so at peace where we are now.  I take deep breaths of fresh air as I leave for work in the morning and it just smells like my childhood. It's the leaves...the piles of leaves and their familiar fall smell. And when I walk into my school it feels like my old elementary school and I remember my teachers and how I loved school and I feel happy again. I'm finding my place in this new community and it feels good. For me, being in a place that feels safe and comforting is my happiness.  I'm not sure why I could never make Denver my home...why I felt so incredibly uncomfortable there.  That's me though. I am a homebody through and through. 
I feel like these past few months have allowed me to find myself again. I left myself here ten years ago when I went off to college and we are finally reunited again. 
Hello me...I've missed you. 
And at the same time I am reinventing myself as I've joined a new school.  You start at the bottom again and work hard to prove yourself and show those around you that you were really something else at your old school. It all takes time and for once I don't feel a sense of urgency.  I have time.  I want to grow and learn here, make my mark here. 

It's been a beautiful fall.  The mornings are cool and crisp and afternoons are warm.  Yesterday we woke up to snow and a thick fog covered the ground. It was so eerily beautiful as the bright orange and yellow leaves were magnified against the hazy background. I sat in my car for a few minutes before walking into school. A few minutes of serenity before heading into more wild and excited school days.  "MRS. WOLFE? DID YOU KNOW THAT TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEEEEEN?????" :) 
Today we celebrated Halloween as only an elementary school can do :) We had a big school wide costume parade and a class party...smoking cauldron filled with punch and cupcakes that will dye your mouth bright green for centuries.  Everdeen pranced around in her cow costume and was as cute as could be!
Now we are heading into November (my birthday month!).  This year is flying by oh so fast, but I think that's what happens when your heart is happy.

Happy Fall friends!


  1. I'm glad you are in a place that makes you happy.

  2. PS. Love your school outfit!

  3. I'm glad you have found yourself again.

    yea for our birthday month!! A visit from you and my cutie pa-tootie niece would be a wonderful birthday present...

  4. I love the costume that you wore to work! It suits you well. And Everdeen looks adorable in her costume. Soon enough, she'll be wanting to pick out her own. :) It's so nice to hear you be happy. It's lovely that you've found yourself, come back to your roots and settle yourself again. Sometimes things work out that way--you never realize how uncomfortable or how unhappy you were until you find or do something better.

  5. Such a lovely post. It sounds like you are in such a positive place (both physically and mentally) and I'm so very very happy for you! Hooray for self (re) discovery! Happy birthday month to you... hope this November is a great one for you guys :) xo

  6. Oh and also, I had no idea that you had a photography business (that explains the amazing blog photos, huh ;)! I visited your page, gorgeous stuff!

  7. Everdeen makes the cutest little calf I ever did see. So sweet!

    I am happy you are at peace now. I am living back in the province I grew up in but am far away from my friends and family. I am not happy with the community we are in now and am looking forward to our move in the next couple of months. I am hoping to find myself again too