Tuesday, September 10, 2013

...and then the rain came

Last night it started to rain.  
We've been overheating here in our neck of the woods.  Long hot days with no relief in sight.  Nineteen first graders and 90+ degree classrooms don't really jive well together.  Every morning we keep our classroom doors open to let in the cooler morning air, but by lunch time we all have sweat dripping down our legs and the kids are chugging their water bottles.  Everyone is a little cranky and sharing our things and using nice words has been hard when we're baking in a brick oven.  We even had our first heat day-- no school because it was too hot.  We've never heard of such a thing! 
 But now we can turn the fans off and sleep under the sheets again.  There is a hint of fall in the air and summer seems to be disappearing quickly before us.  This is the September weather that we're used to. 
 Ahhhh...there's nothing like the sound of rain pitter pattering against the window pane as you drift off to sleep :) 


  1. agreed- one of the best sounds in the world. And the best smell in the world! Come to Florida and you can enjoy the rain every day :)

  2. I've been following your Blog for 2 years now, our daughters are about the same age. Your posts and photography are great! You got to post more often.

  3. I remember heat days! My elementary school/high school used to have them before the elementary school got air conditioning the summer after fifth grade. I'm so sorry your state is suffering so much right now. Prayers are still needed, that's for sure.