Friday, September 13, 2013

...and then the floods came

Oh my goodness.  We prayed for rain and rain we got.
Our poor state is under water.
The amount of rain we've gotten in the past few days is record breaking and has no where to go but into our cities. Mountain areas have been hit hard...especially where the fires had been this summer.

There have been some evacuations in our city but we are safe and sound. My poor brother-in-law has been bailing water from their window wells for the past few days trying to prevent their basement from flooding :(  

Today they cancelled school...Colorado weather can be so unpredictable.  First a heat day and a week later no school due to flooding. 
This is in Lyons, CO where Martin and I got married
East Denver

The rain is suppose to let up today...but we could see more heavy rain next week.  So for now, we are staying nice and dry inside and thankful that we are safe.


  1. i can't even believe this is happening :( hoping everyone back home stays safe and dry!

  2. Thinking about you...hope all is well and that your family is safe

  3. This is just terrible... and mind blowing... Hope you and your family are staying safe and that there peace is restored soon. Chris's sister lives in Boulder and her close friend has a 2 week old baby and the whole bottom of their house is completely flooded to the point that they were stuck in the second floor of their home. She told us that she brought them food and provisions for several days until the three of them were able to evacuate to a safer location. Crazy stuff. I can't even imagine...Stay safe, friend! Hugs!

  4. the climate's changing faster and faster and it's really scary