Monday, February 18, 2013

Universal Language

We are a music loving family.
Music seems to always be on in our apartment. We have it on quietly during the day, but sometimes I turn it up loudly to wash out the elephant stomping that is my upstairs neighbors.  We have a million stations on Pandora and let Everdeen listen to every type of music possible. Old timey banjo music to baroque to today's hits.  Whenever she hears Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet she laughs.

When Everdeen was inside of me I played music for her everyday using Martin's headphones that cost more than a rent payment. I sang to her any chance I got and she sure heard a lot during the day in my Kindergarten classroom.  Some mornings before school I would close my door and play my piano for her. Just me, my baby, and the sound waves. 
 The first time I felt Everdeen move was in the car on the way home from school.  I had one of my favorite songs playing loudly and I finally felt her.  Popcorn popping in my belly.  She was dancing along.
Last night we had another jam session. I love these moments as a family. Enjoying something that we can all understand together.  I truly believe music unites our souls together as we share in the beauty of song. But the best part of these moments is when Everdeen begins to sing along.  She belts out her version of the song loudly, with gusto and enthusiasm.  Nothing holding her back.  She can feel the music and she moves to it.  She may not speak any words yet but already she can speak the universal language that is music.
And for your viewing pleasure...


  1. This is beautiful and so very true! Music is a big part of my family's life since my husband is a musician. Together as a family we are always listening to music and singing along to our favorite songs and Chloe's love for music just keeps growing and growing. It's so incredible watching them get so excited about music.

  2. and oh my gosh that video of Everdeen singing along is so sweet, love it! Such a great little singer she is too!

  3. Oh my goodness, the video was priceless!!!

  4. Absolutely priceless!!! I love how her eyes get big as the music gets louder. She is just too sweet!

  5. wow.
    im really not sure that ive ever seen anything more precious in my life. she is adorable! desiree