Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I love this picture. My dad was probably telling Everdeen that when she's big enough her job will be to chase the geese off the lawn :)  
I caught these two looking out at the lake early one morning last week. This is probably my favorite time of the day. The stillness and newness of the morning makes everything feel peaceful again...whatever worries I had the night before float away as the sun begins to rise.  My dad has always been an early riser...he must enjoy the quiet mornings too, being alone to think in the tranquilness that each morning brings. I love that as I've gotten older I'm starting to notice traits in myself that my dad has passed down to me...knowing that I always have a piece of my dad with me makes me feel so comforted.

This week I've been thinking so much about Everdeen's Grandpa Wolfe.  Martin's dad passed away six years ago today. He was full of life, a little goofy, and had so many great talents.  Martin is full of who his dad was.  I think it must be such a comfort to know that his dad will always be with us through those he loved.  Everdeen will still get to know her Grandpa Wolfe too...through stories and pictures, through watching her own daddy.

I know her Grandpas will both play such an important role in shaping who she becomes one all of our family members do.  We are all connected...each taking with us a piece of those who came before us.