Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spring on a Snowy Day

I think I'm getting a little bit of thee ol' cabin fever.

With two "cold" days from school, then two more days off and then the weekend, I'd say I've left my apartment three times in the past 6 days. 

Martin said the other day, "I believe you are officially the definition of a shut in"
haha, awesome.

That may actually be so...but at least I don't have to wash many clothes this weekend because I stayed in my pajamas for six days straight and my hair got a nice break from my blow dryer (and shampoo...)

I am terribly sick of the snow. Which isn't good because more is coming.

We had Martin's family over for dinner last night to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday!  She brought us such a beautiful bouquet of Spring flowers, like she knew it was just what I needed. They smell just like Spring.  And for dessert, Martin made lemon and lavender mousse for dessert which tasted just like Spring. And today at the grocery store I picked up a very minty green nail polish so my fingers could look like Spring. Maybe if I use the word 'Spring' in my blog post enough times it will magically become spring? No?
 Well then, how many more days until spring?