Saturday, July 16, 2016

These Summer Nights {a little video}

There is just something so magical about summer nights.  The warm air heavy with fragrance.  The golden light filtering through the trees. The feeling that it's okay if we stay up a little bit past bedtime because we will miss these nights when school starts again. Everdeen has been learning how to water the plants/me/Martin/the sidewalks :) She's getting the hang of it.  Last night as she was watering she decided to make it rain from the sky! We let her play, knowing very well it was waaay past her bedtime. We laughed and watched as she was so happy and content playing with the hose. This is what simple, carefree, childhood memories are made of! Happy summer nights everyone!


  1. My favorite summer song capturing a perfect summer evening!

  2. It made me think back about 30 years.