Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break Part One | Estes Park!

I think Spring Break is my favorite break from school. It always gives me just the right amount of rejuvenation to finish out the school year strong (9 more weeks!) This year I was blessed to go on two adventures. I was actually lucky I was able to go on either because the Friday before break I came down with something terrible...fever, chills, aches. I laid in bed praying I would feel better by the time we left for the mountains on Sunday! 

We took it easy all weekend and took our time heading up to Estes Park Sunday afternoon to meet my parents and my older sister and her family. We found our cabin, which was pretty swanky with two levels, a gas fireplace, and several T.V.s. We spent the first day exploring outside, watching deer pass by, and getting settled in. The next day we woke up to the sun shining and the snow sparkling as it fell to the ground. It snowed the whole day and we watched the world turn white from our windows. There's just something so special about a family vacation...even with the chaos that little ones bring. It's fun to watch our own children partake in sacred family traditions and make new ones too. I hope our children always remember these times we shared together. 

And now for a little picture overload! 


  1. Beautiful! Wish i could have been there! Were mom and daddy hiding in the cabin? :)

  2. You won't have known I was there

    1. You were just staying warm inside! :)