Monday, August 17, 2015

the night before preschool

I can't believe our baby girl is starting preschool tomorrow.  Next week she'll probably be driving and then heading off to college. How is it possible for time to go so fast?
We took our family walk this evening and talked about all the fun things she'll get to do. She's most excited about playing with her new friends. I reminded her to eat her lunch, take her nap(hopefully without undressing...she's been doing that a lot lately!), and to of course listen to her teacher.  I know she is going to do so well...but there is always a part of me that will worry and hope she has a good day, that the other kids will include her and play with her, that her teacher will like her.  Each of these milestones is so bittersweet- I of course want her to keep growing and moving forward, but at the same time, she is still my little baby and I want her to fit in my arms forever. 
(I love this little girl with every ounce of my being. She already makes me so proud)  

Today we had our district rally...the entire school district comes together and hears inspirational speeches for the new year, waves pom poms, and laughs at jokes only teachers would find remotely funny :)  We always leave feeling excited and ready to tackle a new year.  Since becoming a mother, teaching has taken on a whole different meaning for me.  With Everdeen going off to school I know what it's like to be on the other side of things. Hoping that she's cared for and loved. Hoping that she isn't forgotten about. Hoping that her teachers can see all the wonderful things that Martin and I see. When my new students walk in the door next week I can honestly tell their parents that we will have a great day, that I will take good care of them, and that I will do everything in my power to make sure that they have a beautiful learning experience. 

Tonight I held Everdeen a little closer, sang our repertoire of lullabies (La La Lu, Can't Help falling in Love, Moon River, and La Vie En Rose). She softly sang along and told me again about all her new friends she would play with tomorrow. I think she's going to be just fine :) 

Wish us luck tomorrow morning...three of us having to get out the door on time will be an adventure for sure :)  


  1. Lucy hasn't done preschool yet and I am so nervous for that day! You perfectly articulate all the feelings I have as her mom. It's amazing what a difference becoming a parent makes in the way you see children. There's nothing I long for more than a future teacher for my girls who is just like you! I love the way you describe your approach to your class. I hope the new school year is going beautifully for all of you.