Sunday, February 9, 2014

sick & tired & tired of being sick

Oh winter, we are so tired of you.
We are tired of your single digit days that keep us locked up inside. I wish we could open up the windows and let in some new, clean, fresh air, but we would no doubt get hypothermia. 

We are all still fighting these terrible colds. Everdeen has been sick since Christmas with different ailments.  My poor little girl refuses and I mean REFUSES to eat when she doesn't feel well.   She hadn't gained weight at her eighteen month appointment...which made me feel like a had completely failed as a mother.  I remember when she was first born and how proud my doula and midwife were of me when Everdeen was gaining weight like a champ.  "Good job mama!" they would say over and over.   I was creating nourishment for my baby and she was growing and growing because of me.  I don't think I've ever felt more proud! 

But now I am feeling totally lost.  This toddler thing is hard.  Trying to grow and nourish a 1 1/2 year old who is wanting so badly to be independent and do things her way is a struggle. Over a month of "Is she going to eat today?" "Is she feeling better?" is exhausting.  

We just need a couple of warmish days where we can soak up some sun and clear out our lungs.  To say I am jealous of my twin sister living in Florida is a complete understatement.

I feel bad wishing away winter...and I can't remember a time when I disliked it so much. But I am more ready for spring to arrive then I ever have been before.     


  1. i think you mean hypothermia, the opposite of hyperthermia - dr. dad

  2. Please come visit! I need someone to share this 80 degree weather with :)

  3. Hope you all start feeling better soon.

  4. Hang in there, she will eat and stay healthy and strong....besides her hair is obviously growing to make much a nice pony tail!!!

  5. I'll spare you the "I'm jealous of your winter" song and dance then. Poor mama :(

    So sorry your winters dragging on and on. Also I'm sure her not gaining weight is totally fine. I think Lucy only gained less than a pound between the last two. They are so active that even when they do deign to eat, they don't out on weight. You're an amazing mother and have not failed her in any way! She's healthy! And lively and bright and independent! I've also heard that at this age you shouldn't worry too much about the eating thing, that they'll eat what they need to and no more, just keep offering tasty healthy foods. Lucy recently has taken a turn of terrible eating. Yesterday I couldn't even get her to eat avocado and that's her absolute favorite!