Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Update

Today was a very lazy Sunday...Everdeen and I stayed in our pajamas all day long.  Not intentionally, but I never felt the urge to actually get dressed today.  We spent all day playing... pulling all of her clothes out of her baskets and putting them back, chasing each other around the empty apartment (you should hear the squealing laugh this gets out of her!), and snuggling during the late afternoon thunderstorm.  
Lately, we've been so preoccupied with getting ready for our big move and getting things settled with our new home. I look at my little girl and she is always playing so nicely by herself when I need her to the most. That's when the biggest wave of guilt hits.  She's so tiny and such a good baby...we are so so lucky.  When I'm on the phone for what seems like the hundredth time with our realtor or making more phone calls to transfer our life up north there she sits so quietly playing.  

Today, I wanted to do nothing but play and that's exactly what we did.  We laughed, played, read stories, and listened to music all day long. 

This evening, while we were eating dinner, we listened to some of my favorite Frank Sinatra songs.  Everdeen was literally tapping her fingers against the high chair tray.  She's been clapping and moving to the music so much lately, it cracks us up.  She is growing so fast...only one more month until her first birthday!
{we sold our table and chairs so the exercise ball it is!}

It will be a wonderful celebration...a celebration of one year of precious life, a move, a new home, new jobs.  I know that everything we're doing right now is for her and it will all be worth it in just a few short weeks.  


  1. perfect day. I still can't get over her little curls!

  2. Jessica,

    Thanks for the welcome back! :) My photographers were pretty amazing so I would agree, our pictures came out great!

    You and your little partner seem to have good taste in lunch time jams. Frank Sinatra sang our first dance song ;)