Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Farm

This weekend was beautiful. My sisters and I drove home to my parent's house to spend Easter together as a family.  

We decided to go for a small outing and ended up at The Farm. I worked here for five summers helping run the day camps.  When I think back on those summer days during high school and college I remember the time so fondly. I learned so much and really came out of my shell...trying new things.  I learned how to saddle ponies, drive the tractor for hayrides, feed the animals, and milk the cows.  One summer we even watched as a new calf was welcomed into the world.  
My favorite time during those weeks was when the kids would stay over at the farm for a sleep over.  We would spend hours playing capture the flag, pushing the kids on the old tire swing, and grilling hamburgers.  The best part was when the sun went down and we would tell ghost stories in the silo and dare the other camp counselors to walk down to the basement of the old farm house...alone :) And soon the kids would be too tired to even watch the late night movie and they would drift off to sleep until the roosters woke them in the morning.
I don't think any other summer job could have prepared me better for teaching. Cleaning animal pens and cleaning up after five year olds sure have their similarities :)  


  1. Wonderful pictures and lots of memories.

  2. What lovely memories, and I always love your pictures!

  3. What a fun day, great memories! I hope they're still running the camp; it sounds so cool for kids! Everdeen looks marvelous in her cheery yellow jumper and I love your sling.